Aidan Frere-Smith is a photographer and writer who primarily focuses on issues surrounding humanitarianism, environmentalism as well as animal rights and has undertaken projects in aid of both localised and global causes.

Instagram: @aidanfreresmith

In Defence of Brock (Photobook Cafe, London 2022)
Ten Years of the Photocopy Club (Theatre Courtyard Green Rooms, London, 2021)
No Comply (Somerset House, London, 2021)
AZB Sikinos Vol. 3 (Kastro, Sikinos, Greece, 2021)
A Xerox Show (Hart Club, London, 2019)
Now That’s What I Call Love (Hart Club, London, 2019)
Xerox and Destroy 3 (Doomed Gallery, London, 2018)
Lost Generation 3 (Bene Culture, Birmingham, 2018)
London Calling (V3, London, 2018)
Zines of the World 2  (Truman Brewery, London, 2017)
Hit the Road (Fotofestiwal, Lodz, Poland, 2016)
Zines of the World (Doomed Gallery, London, 2015)

MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography (LCC)
BA Graphic Communcation (NUA)

Nick Hughes Prize